white glove moving services in birmingham, al

Published April 3, 2017

Published April 3, 2017


What is White Glove Moving Service

At Road Runner Moving & Storage we pride ourselves on being transparent and professional when dealing with our beloved customers while making sure each move is a fast and efficient experience. In addition, we also go above and beyond for those consumers who may have some highly valuable belongings. Whether it be of high economical value or of a sentimental sense, we offer a unique service to ensure the safe packing, care, and delivery of these items through our "White Glove" service. 

Many delivery companies talk about performing white-glove deliveries. Such service involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing furniture into the home.

A true white-glove delivery is about the consumer feeling that the level of service he or she is receiving exceeds their expectations. It is about the customer feeling pleased that the delivery professionals took the time to explain the delivery process and making them feel safe and comfortable about their things. It's about them not feeling rushed for the delivery to be completed as well feeling grateful to the delivery team for placing the product where they want it and taking away any packaging. It is all about the respect the delivery team shows the customer which solidifies that he or she is receiving white-glove service.

Such top-notch service doesn't end once the furniture is inside the home. It is important to contact the consumer immediately following delivery, within 15-20 minutes, to obtain some feedback on various aspects of what just occurred. Inquiring about the technical part of the delivery is important, of course, but most important is asking how they felt about the total delivery experience.

Road Runner Moving & Storage takes the idea of “handle with care” to a whole new level. We understand that sensitive shipments and fragile items must be delivered with special care. How and who delivers it is as equally important as the highly-valued items are. We aim to make lasting impressions on our customers so that they will never have to burden themselves with figuring out "who" to go on move day.

To learn more about our services and benefits, contact the reliable moving team at Road Runner Moving today.