birmingham's oldest moving company is going green in 2017

Road Runner Moving is committed to environmental sustainability and has incorporated several new Green Initiatives in 2017. This includes the addition of our first Hybrid Electric fleet vehicle and the pledge to plant one tree in Alabama for every single move we complete this year.


one tree planted for every single move  

Currently in our second generation of ownership, we understand the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations to come. That is why our organization has pledged to plant one single tree for each move that we complete in fiscal year 2017. Starting in February, each customer will be able to chose what type of tree they would like planted on their behalf (either a Loblolly Pine, Longleaf Pine or White Oak) directly on their final invoice.   

road runner moving hybrid vehicle.JPG

our first Hybrid Electric Fleet Vehicle

When your in the moving business, one of your biggest assets is your team's fleet. For the last couple years, we have been researching how to convert from the traditional moving van to a more environmentally friendly alternative. This lead us to the purchase of our first hybrid electric fleet vehicle. The GMC Yukon Hybrid will be utilized by our sales and management partners and is estimated to reduce approximately 40% of our fuel consumption vs the traditional work truck.