5 pro tips for relocating your office in birmingham, al

Published January 22, 2017

Published January 22, 2017



Get Your Office Ready for a Move with These Tips from a Moving Company in Birmingham, AL

There are many reasons for relocating your office. Maybe your business is growing and you need more work space, or you found a fantastic deal on a building for rent in the next town over. No matter the reason, there will be packing and moving involved. But for a low-stress and successful office move, you need to sit down to plan out the logistics of getting from point A to point B to ensure a smooth transition for you and your staff.

With that in mind, here are a few tips from a moving company in Birmingham, AL to help you get your office ready for a move:

  • Start packing early: Because you might not be in the position to close your business for an extended period of time, use your planning skills to schedule out a little time here and there to pack. Make a list of which items go into which boxes and take a couple weeks to slowly organize your entire office for the move. Of course, you’d love to pack up your office and move in one fell swoop, but cramming all the packing duties into one day or doing it at the last minute will only lead to stress, irritation and improper packing.
  • Pack needed work items later: If you still need to do work while planning a move, don’t pack work or work items you still need right now. Like prematurely boxing up needed clothes and toiletries in anticipation of a home move, there are likely office things you shouldn’t box just yet—think client files, your work computer and bookkeeping records. Get everything else together, but wait to pack the important things you’re still using.
  • Label office supplies and secure equipment: If you employ or work with a team of people, let everyone pack up their own space, then make sure they label all boxes with their name and the contents. When it comes to larger office equipment, secure drawers, lids, vents and any other parts that could possibly fall off during the move—items like commercial copiers, computers, company desks and break room appliances. Also, label boxed or plastic wrapped equipment with appropriate notes to warn the movers of equipment that’s fragile or heavy, or that can’t be laid down.
  • Hire pro commercial movers: Deciding to hire a moving company in Birmingham, AL can save you a lot of time and keep you from running into problems. An experienced commercial moving team not only knows exactly how to move large office equipment and supplies, but they are also trained in moving all sorts of inventory items for businesses that sell products. Ask questions before signing anything, or clarify that they offer and have experience in the specific services you need.

While you know that changing office buildings is one of the best things you can do for your current business endeavors, the mere thought of the steps involved in a move may be too much. But don’t let this postpone your plans. Instead, consider hiring a moving company in Birmingham, AL to do all the heavy lifting for you! Contact the reliable moving team at Road Runner Moving today.