no coupon codes, no special websites, we make it easy to find our very best rates, period!

You will not find a better deal for our professional moving services on the internet. We offer the following discounts 24/7/365. Just mention to your friendly representative when booking your move or when receiving a free mvoing quote.

  • Active Military or Military Veterans (10% Discount). We are proud to honor those who serve our great country. Whether you are active duty, on reserve, or retired, we appreciate everything you have done for our country. 

  • Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and Healthcare Professionals such as nurses, doctors, and support staff (10% Discount). We are honored to provide a discount to anyone in the healthcare industry. Surgeons, doctors, nurses, or whatever it is that you do, we appreciate and applaud your commitment to making our cities safer and protecting our citizens.  

  • Teachers, Principals, School Employees, bus drivers, lunchroom staff, administrative staff, school board members and anyone else working for any school system in Alabama or the surrounding areas (10% Discount).

  • Senior Citizens 62 years and over (10% Discount). We take pride in moving our senior citizens whether you are downsizing, moving to Florida, moving into a retirement home, or simply moving closer to family. Let us be your moving team and mention you are a senior citizen. We will handle the rest. 

  • Individuals with Special Needs and Victims of Domestic Violence are considered our highest priority and each situation is different. Please alert our professional staff so that a trained specialist can assist your moving experience. We are discreet and have the experience and special teams to deal with the most stressful of situations. 

  • UAB PARTNER PERKS - all UAB students, teachers, doctors, nurses, and support staff receive a special 10% Discount. Please use your UAB email address for verification. We are happy to provide this perk to the largest employer in Alabama.