our free concierge service seamlessly shops all of your utilities & services for your home or business

Road Runner Concierge Team.png

Road Runner Moving proudly offers our customers access to a concierge team member who will forward your mail, update your bills, establish new service with the utility companies, and even handle updating your AT&T or Verizon bills.

Let’s face it, moving sucks, but through our mounds of research we found that one of the most stressful things about moving is the 8-9 hours you have to spend on the phone updating your utilities and establishing new service.

With Road Runner Concierge, you make one phone call and everything is handled for you. It could not get any more simple than that! Yes, it’s true, not all movers are equal!

Our concierge team will reach out to you directly up to (7) times after booking your move. However, if you somehow missed the calls or emails, then you can click the link or call them directly:

Phone: (281) 612-3462
Link: Road Runner Concierge