Top Questions to Ask Before Moving in Birmingham, AL

Do you work for the mover or are you a broker?

Broker’s play an important role in helping customers match up with moving companies in Birmingham. Keep in mind, however, that a broker cannot give you a binding estimate and a broker is not responsible for loss or damage. 

Road Runner Moving never uses brokers to book moves. You will always be talking to one of our professional team members when you call.

Do you give binding quotes?

Over the phone, a mover or broker may give you a quote that is generally not binding. A mover may give a binding, or “not to exceed” quote upon reviewing your items in person. Brokers don’t typically give binding quotes. 

Road Runner Moving gives binding quotes upon request. It's part of our Free Estimate Service in which we will schedule a time to stop by and inventory your items. 

Does the quote include extra charges?

For example – flight charges, long carry charges, appliance charges, parking charges, storage charges, fuel charges, awkward objects, etc. If you have a piano, you should let them know right up front. Ask them if they have equipment to help with heavy and awkward items. 

At Road Runner Moving, we believe in TRANSPARENT BILLING and have never charged a service charge, delivery charge, fuel charge, or destination charge to our customers.  In fact, we don't quite understand why other companies nickle and dime their customers, but understand it happens everyday. Our bills have one charge which is our hourly rate, period!

Have a piano, grandfather clock, or pool table? We never charge anything extra for these hard to move items. Just let us know, so we bring the right equipment on your move day.  

Will my items be transferred?

Long distance moves can sometimes require your items be transferred to another truck. This extra handling increases the chances for damage to occur.

We never transfer to another truck. You will have the same team load and unload your items.

What forms of payment do you accept and on what terms?

We don't recommend that you hire movers if they only accept cash; be sure you are clear about the amount that is due on delivery versus the deposit amount, and whether deposits are refundable.Most companies that have a merchant account will accept credit cards so be sure to ask if credit cards are an option.

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, business checks, money orders, or cash.

What type of insurance is included in your quote? What else is available to me?

Basic coverage is 60 cents per pound but your moving company may offer an upgrade at a reasonable price. You can also work with 3rd party insurance providers to cover the move.

Road Runner Moving provides FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE at no additional charge!  We cover everything, period!

What is the process if something were to break or is missing? Who’s responsible?

This is a follow-up to the previous question that clearly breaks down who is responsible for what. If you’re discussing a self-service move, you may not get reimbursed for something that you packed poorly.

We go to great lengths to ensure there is no damage.  However, we are human and accidents do happen.  If it breaks, we fix it or replace at.  No deductible, no paperwork, no headache. It doesn't get much easier than that folks!

Contact Road Runner Moving at 205-945-8339 and let us show you how we take the stress out of moving day!