Top 5 De-cluttering secrets!

If you always seem to have a lot going on or too little time to get organized and create some space there are short-cuts you can take to de-cluttering your home. Keeping it simple with these five tips can create a more balanced space, less stress, a clearer mind and fewer distractions!

1. Reduce paper! Many of us hold on to tons of paper from bills to newsletters and old favorite quotes. Shred and throw out paper after reading or paying bills to cut back on clutter from every day papers. In today’s age we can even go paperless on billing statements and reading books, take advantage!

2. Sell it! Old computers, kids clothing and out dated electronics can add up. Get rid of items you are no longer using and sell them for some added income!

3. Give away. Holding on to things that are no longer useful may be useful to others. Try going through cluttered rooms and storage and giving away to people in need or local charities. You’ll feel a lot better.

4. Organization as décor! Purchase multi use shelving, armoires, and other items that can be used to store needed items. Instead of keeping them visible try tucking daily used items away for more space and a cleaner look.

5. Stop feeling guilty. There are many things we may hold on to or may be emotionally attached to but let’s face it we can’t keep everything forever! Sort through things likes kid’s projects, heirlooms, letters from old loves and more and let go of things that are simply not of importance or family value.

Try taking these short steps and see how much relief you can gain from de-cluttering your space and more importantly your life!